Workforce Optimization Software

Workforce Optimization Software

The KnoahSoft Harmony™ Workforce Optimization software suite gives contact centers the ultimate in workforce optimization functionality and flexibility with the best total cost of ownership (TCO) profile in the market. The modular, easy-to-implement-and-use solution offers the latest WFO applications all with robust reporting, dashboards, scorecards, screen capture, monitoring, coaching and eLearning capabilities.

Interaction Recording

Voice and non-voice recording and logging is essential for assessing interaction quality. This critical functionality has also become a necessity in many contact centers for dispute resolution, fraud prevention, collections, emergency communications and to comply with industry mandates such as PCI, HIPPA and Sarbanes Oxley.

KnoahSoft Harmony™ call recording software is robust, scalable, flexible and affordable. With KnoahSoft Harmony™ call recording software, enterprises can deploy those that best suit their business requirements with a variety of options for inbound and outbound call recording and screen capture including 100% recording, random-recording, event-driven recording, on-demand recording and agent-parameter-based (tenure, QA score) recording.

Quality Management/Assurance (QM/QA)

Ensuring efficient, effective performance is the foundation of successful contact center operations. Quality Assurance (QA) and Performance Management (PM) applications help accomplish this goal by identifying process and performance deficiencies and honing agent skills so corrective action can be taken.

The KnoahSoft Harmony™ Evaluate and Analyze modules help organizations capture, review, and evaluate agent performance during customer interactions. Multi-channel capabilities evaluate voice, email, and web chat interactions, scoring them against industry standards to ensure agents obtain both positive and negative feedback to elevate performance.

Coach and Learn

The KnoahSoft Harmony™ Coach and Learn module puts knowledge in the hands of those who need it, when they need it. Part of our contact center workforce optimization suite, Harmony’s integrated coaching and e-learning capabilities provide a collaborative feedback loop between the agent and the supervisor to deliver training content and messages to agents just in time to improve their efficiency and enhance productivity. 

Coach provides a framework for supervisors to build personalized agent training programs using quality and performance data from Harmony™ and other call center applications. The tool tracks specific agent performance issues across multiple KPIs, explains underlying root causes, provides a performance improvement plan, and addresses follow-up.


The more you know about your agent performance and your customer needs, the better the customer experience you can deliver. Knowledge is power and KnoahSoft Harmony™ Speech Analytics, Desktop Analytics and Balanced Scorecards make it happen.

KnoahSoft Harmony™ Speech Analytics software enables contact center supervisors and managers to perform precision monitoring on keywords and phrases using smart phonetic-based audio search. This enables users to process large volumes of audio data to gain insights into customer interactions and the operations of the entire contact center while also being able to access detailed analyses of individual recordings.

KnoahSoft Harmony™ Desktop Analytics is a powerful back-end process that captures screen activity during agent/customer interactions. It is employed in the contact center to capture on-screen movements for assessing application handling skills so you can gain a true picture on how well agents are utilizing business applications when servicing customers. Supervisors and managers are able to view the entire customer interaction watching synchronized call and screen recordings so they can gain a better understanding of the entire customer journey including service operations, business application processes and agent coaching opportunities.

KnoahSoft Harmony™ Balanced Scorecards, a part of our workforce optimization software suite, enable you to create customizable, role-based scorecards and dashboards to measure the performance of your entire contact center, a single agent, groups of agents or lines-of-business supported by the contact center. Easily customize key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, goals and alerts to drive performance across your business.


Regular, candid customer feedback is an invaluable source of information for continuously improving products and services. In the absence of such information, sales, customer loyalty and the bottom line may suffer. Surveying capabilities are a proven and reliable method of gathering this critical data, and when used properly, can help transform your business.

Using your IVR, the Harmony™ Survey module helps you engage customers immediately following their interaction with short, context-based, dynamic surveys based on business rules. Targeting specific surveys to customers leveraging post-call customer interactions allow Harmony™ Survey to deliver response rates far greater than those of traditional, one-size-fits-all questionnaires. The result is a wealth of meaningful data capable of providing a representative sample -- even with large numbers of customers and multiple sites. 

Workforce Management

An effective and profitable contact center hinges on your ability to properly staff your operation with just the right resources who have the right skills, at the right times, all the time. Forecast and optimize staffing for the day, week, month, quarter, season, or year - across all interaction channels - with KnoahSoft Harmony™ WFM capabilities.

The KnoahSoft Harmony™ workforce management application considers agents' individual skill profiles, work schedules, and their preferences regarding working hours to plan the best, most efficient staffing schedule for your needs and those of your customers.

Mobile Access

Your contact center managers and supervisors are constantly on the move. KnoahSoft™ Harmony’s mobile application gives you quick access to monitor your contact center from wherever you are. Gone are the days of being tied to a desktop or laptop. Now you can increase your productivity with 24x7 access to what’s happening in your contact center.

The KnoahSoft Harmony™ mobile application is a highly flexible tool that enables you quickly view how many agents are busy, talking or ready to take a call, record calls on-demand, flag calls for quality assurance, silently monitor agent calls in progress, set and receive alerts for calls exceeding specified thresholds, view contact center metrics and more all from your Apple or Android mobile device.

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Mary transformed her contact center and her career. You can, too.

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