Technology is rapidly changing the way that businesses communicate and interact with customers. There's a growing demand for both bandwidth and data storage. In order to compete, telecommunications providers need to provide competitive services and a stellar customer experience while keeping cost in mind.

Differentiate Your Customer Experience and Meet Consumer Demand

Telecommunications services are increasingly bundled with cable, satellite and Internet services to create a more competitive market. Unfortunately, the excessive choice consumers have in this sector has resulted in wavering customer loyalty.

You need to leverage technology to be relevant to your customers and to give them the best service possible. KnoahSoft provides workforce optimization (WFO) solutions that let you elevate the level of service you deliver by being properly staffed at all times, identify the root cause for customer calls to make them happier faster, and keep your agents armed with the tools and information they need.

As the most flexible and best value WFO solution on the market, KnoahSoft can give you the technology you need to effectively compete in the crowded telecommunications market.

With the KnoahSoft Harmony™ Workforce Optimization Software Suite you can:

Manage workload and staff schedules to ensure coverage for customer needs - always have the right people in the right positions at the right time to deliver the best customer experience.

Gain insight into all of your customer interactions - monitor and capture calls and screens from multi-channel interactions to ensure data security, exceptional service, training follow through and dispute resolution.

Minimize operational costs - lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) with a single solution comprising of call center recording software, call center quality management software, speech analytics software, post call survey software and call center workforce management software.

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