Government agencies and public sector organizations are dealing with an increasing number of challenges when it comes to serving their constituents. Not only do they have to control costs, they also need to meet the increasing and changing demands of their public. Workforce Optimization software solutions can help.

Deliver Better Constituent Service, Control Costs and Protect Privacy

Privacy is becoming a larger concern for the public, and the expectation is that any call or contact center run by the government will keep their data private. They expect attention to detail, exceptional service and reliable communications.

In order to meet these needs, many government agencies and public sector companies are looking for technology upgrades. While upgrades may not seem cost effective initially, improvements in the call center can help protect privacy and control costs.

As the most flexible and best value WFO solution on the market, KnoahSoft can maintain help you maintain data privacy, lower you total cost of ownership (TCO) and deliver the best constituent experience.

With the KnoahSoft Harmony™ WFO Suite you can:

Improve operational efficiency- Call centers in the public sector have more constraints on resources, and more demands in terms of regulations. We know you need to carefully monitor costs and trim inefficiencies. With KnoahSoft Harmony™ Suite, you can focus on making your call center's biggest cost - human resources - as efficient as possible. With call monitoring, staff training and streamlined processes, you can improve staff satisfaction, productivity and the bottom line.

Ensure a high level of service- Top quality service is critical in the public sector because government spending is under the microscope. Your call center needs to handle increased volume without sacrificing quality. KnoahSoft Harmony™ gives contact center employees and managers the tools they need to improve constituent satisfaction with a single solution comprising of call center recording software, call center quality management software, speech analytics software, post call survey software and call center workforce management software.

Keep customer and agency information secure- Government call centers deal with sensitive information - and constituents expect this information to be completely secure. The safe transmission of data between employees, departments and agencies needs to be a top priority for any public sector call center. With the KnoahSoft Harmony™ Suite, you can establish processes for keeping information secure, and rely on state of the art encryption to protect all recordings.

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