Many organizations outsource some or all of their contact center interactions to business process outsourcers like you. The pressure's on to deliver on the technical and service promises you make. Here's where proper staffing, great QA, and coaching make all of the difference!

Deliver the Best Customer Experience with the Right Staff Every Time

If you're a business process outsourcer (BPO) providing call center solutions and services for customers, your job is to meet your service level agreements, improve processes and ensure customer satisfaction for the end user. Reducing operating costs, engaging customers and managing multi-channel customer interactions is key.

KnoahSoft provides workforce optimization (WFO) solutions that help your organization save time and money as well as increase customer satisfaction for your customers. and for theirs. Our solutions focus on improving call quality, leveraging coaching opportunities, ensuring proper staffing levels, and getting to the root of why customers call and how the interactions are being handled by your staff.

Many BPOs the world over use KnoahSoft Harmony™ in their call centers. As the most flexible and best value WFO solution on the market, KnoahSoft can help you deliver on your service level agreements, and help you handle more customers with engaged, well-trained agents.

With the KnoahSoft Harmony™ Workforce Optimization Software Suite you can:

Leverage analytics for better performance: Collect relevant recording, screen capture and real time customer surveying data to identify opportunities to improve performance.

Plan proper staffing for the best customer experience: Make sure you have the right people with the right training and information staffed at the right times and places to deliver the best experience for your customers and the end users.

Minimize operational costs: Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) with a single solution comprising of call center recording software, call center quality management software, speech analytics software, post call survey software and call center workforce management software.

Ready to get started? Contact KnoahSoft today.

Learn more about our HarmonyT contact center WFO solution by calling +1 702-722-5000, option 1 - or emailing sales@knoahsoft.com.

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KnoahSoft Harmony™ Brochure

KnoahSoft Harmony™ Brochure

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