How to Perfect Your Customer Service Basics
September 2017
How to Perfect Your Customer Service Basics

It’s easy to get distracted by the latest and greatest, especially when it comes to the tech world. Some of us obsess over the most recent gadget launch or an app we just can’t live without…at least for the next few days that is. But when it comes to the experience you’re delivering to your customers, if you don’t have the customer service basics down, even the latest and greatest tech tools, tips and tricks won’t help.

When we read Getting Basics Right in Customer Experience, it really hit home. Everything we do at KnoahSoft is focused on helping organizations deliver great customer experiences. But nailing the basics first is key!

The article included a stat from a study conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit that said consumers believe getting the customer experience basics right ranks higher than receiving any personalized experiences. So be sure to deliver reliable, consistent service to your customers before adding on any bells and whistles—because if you’re not keeping customers satisfied, they won’t be around to benefit from any cool perks later anyway.

Three WFO Tips to Nailing the Customer Service Basics

So what are the basics of customer experience? Not to be cliché, but that depends on your business. For a contact center dedicated to hotel reservations, it might be knowledge of the properties and availability accuracy. For an online clothing retailer it might be ensuring a wide variety of sizes and styles are in stock and offering free shipping on all returns. But regardless of your industry, there are a few things every business can do to ensure they are mastering the customer service basics.

Tip #1: Learn about your customer by identifying basic customer needs.

Do you know what your customer thinks of your return policy or shipping speeds? Do you know if your customer wants to receive email alerts on new products or sales or catalogues sent via traditional mail? If you don’t have a solid understanding of your customers’ expectations for your brand, it’s time to find out. Surveys are your ally! You can use surveys of current and former customers to help determine what your audience wants. Try using an integrated survey software solution like this one to handle post-interaction surveys.

The software should link real customer data to the interaction, helping managers review the good and the bad to make an immediate impact on the customer experience. As needs and desires are constantly in flux in our ever-changing society, don’t forget to change up your surveys too. You can easily set up different survey options that can be delivered to a customer based on things like call length, hold time, number of holds, number of transfers, etc.

Tip #2: Stay ahead of customer needs by monitoring interactions in real-time.

Yes, it is possible to make a difference in a customer call while that call is actually in progress! Live Call Monitoring Software enables contact center supervisors to pinpoint agent trouble spots to address problems instantly. With real-time involvement, supervisors can help agents deliver the best customer service and also provide instant feedback to help agents improve with each and every interaction.

And monitoring recorded interactions is key too. When managers and executives can review interactions and spot specific patterns, they can provide the right feedback and guidance to help agents excel.

Tip #3: Leverage every analytic tool available.

The more you know, the better your contact center will run. Makes sense, right? So make the most of your Call Center Analytics Software. With an in-depth understanding on the strengths and weaknesses of your agents, supervisors and overall center performance, you can make better decisions regarding the trainings people need, what existing internal initiatives or service processes need tweaking and what should be replicated for even more impact.

Tools like Desktop Analytics can reveal the efficiency with which your agents perform daily work and how they’re leveraging internal tools to deliver the best customer service. Never forget—knowledge is power and there are many WFO tools to help you obtain all the information you need (and more!) to ensure your contact center meets and exceeds business goals.

Perfect the Customer Service Basics and Win

While they might not be sexy, shiny or new, mastering the customer service basics is paramount to your success—and overlooking them may be more detrimental than any of us care to admit. Ready to get back to basics? We can help you review where you’re at. Contact us today at



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