How to Ensure Your B2B Customer Service Stands Out
September 2017
How to Ensure Your B2B Customer Service Stands Out


Whether a contact center is focused on supporting B2C or B2B organizations, one thing is the same—delivering great customer service is a must! When your contact center provides stellar service, you’re creating brand loyalty and retaining customers. One way to help your customer experience stand out among the competition is to provide the right “human touch.” Organizations with superior people behind their service are the ones that survive and thrive. But the question becomes how to create a human-to-human (H2H) experience when you’re serving a business rather than a singular consumer.

The article How to Humanize Customer Service for B2B Organizations got us thinking about this challenge. It seems easy to create great H2H experiences when you’re working directly with a consumer, but harder when working in the B2B industry. We think this piece offers great tips on providing top-notch B2B customer service and we’re chiming in with thoughts on how WFO tools can also enhance a contact center’s B2B customer service skills.

Contact Center Tips for Better B2B Customer Service

1. Choice Still Matters
—Even though your contact center might be focused on the B2B market, your main point of contact for that organization is still a human with his/her own point of view, preferences and needs. Have you taken the time to consider how your contact likes to connect? Yes, choice in method of contact is important for everyone—whether they’re in the B2B or B2C world. So make sure you’re offering an omnichannel approach and let your customers decide for themselves if phone calls, video, chat and other methods work best. Consider evaluating your workforce management solutions to ensure you have the right agents on the right mediums to deliver the very best customer service.

2. Data, Data, Data—Just like location, location, location matters in real estate, data, data, data matters in customer service. And hopefully you’ve realized it by now—the contact center is a great place to gather important intel on your customers, your support personnel and your service processes! Post Call Surveys, Live Call Monitoring and Quality Management applications can pinpoint areas of success and where there’s room for improvement, helping you figure out how to make the next H2H interaction even better. And that’s the goal, right? Remember, gathering information on your customers can help your organization become proactive rather than reactive and deliver the best customer service you can.

3. Don't Just Gather Data—Analyze It! We always applaud data collection, but sometimes you need to do more than collect information, you need to slice and dice it, study it and boil it down to reveal the insights that will make the biggest impact to your business. That’s where strong Call Center Analytics Software comes in. Don't underestimate the power of mining data with intuitive search and sorting tools. Once you start leveraging analytics, you’ll never go back. From Speech Analytics to Desktop Analytics to Balanced Scorecards, there are so many tools available to help you make sure the data you’re collecting is maximized to its fullest in your quest to deliver the best B2B customer experience possible!

So whether you’re living in a B2B or B2C world, your contact center is designed to help people. And there’s probably a way for you to up your game when it comes to delivering a better human-to-human experience for your customers. Remember, delivering great B2B customer service is going to help you stand out from your competition.

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