Create a Competitive Customer Experience By Doing These Five Things
April 2017
Create a Competitive Customer Experience By Doing These Five Things

Some experts predict that customer experience will actually overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator by 2020. In other words, in the very near future, the product or service you’re delivering won’t be as important to your customers as the experience they have when they do business with your company. That's why creating a customer-first culture—one dedicated to delivering the best customer experiences possible—should be keeping you awake at night.

Seems like you need a really smart customer experience strategy and a roadmap to deliver upon said strategy, stat. No pressure! But, before you panic, keep reading. We’re here with five—yes, only five—simple steps you can follow to build, implement, measure and continually improve your customer experience strategy. And since there’s no time to waste, here they are:

Step #1: Develop Your Strategy

Don’t do a thing before you have a fully baked strategy. While this doesn’t need to be a lengthy single-spaced report, your CX strategy must:

  • Document Goals and Objectives. What do you want to deliver in terms of customer experience? How will you know if you’re successful? Put a stake in the ground for yourself, your leadership team and your people.

  • Develop a Customer Experience Charter. Create a one-page document clearly articulating your brand’s CX experience so your people are aligned and speaking the same language.

  • Chart Out Customer Interaction Flows. How do customers access your contact center—via voice, email or web chat? Look for potential points of frustration and modify service processes to streamline interactions.

  • Forecast Demand/Implement Schedule. Figure out when you need to schedule agents so you always have the right amount of staff to assist customers.

Step #2: Engage Your Customers

Customers want to do business with you when they want, how they want, any time of the day or night. This might feel like an impossible task to accomplish, but the right contact center technology partner can help. For example, Avaya IP Office Contact Center is a simple and robust multichannel contact center application that can help you deliver:

  • Integrated multi-channel customer contact support

  • Skills-based routing

  • IVR functionality

  • Telemarketing and outbound campaign capabilities

Step #3: Collect Customer Engagement Data

Once you’ve launched your strategy and started engaging with customers, it’s time to collect your customer interaction data. Enter a reliable Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution. Let’s talk about KnoahSoft Harmony for a minute, which can:

  • Record (voice, non-voice and agent screens) and monitor live interactions

  • Capture customer feedback

  • Perform and report on quality assurance objectives

  • Deliver and track training assignments for agents

  • And so much more!

Every interaction with a customer needs to be the best it can be in order to drive loyalty and engagement. One way to do that is to record your interactions, study the data and then apply your learnings and coaching tools to improve agents and their interactions. It’s called quality assurance … and it works!

Step #4: Measure Customer Engagement

With loads of data on hand, it’s time to learn from your experiences. By simply looking at your dashboards, you can learn how your agents are performing against your CX objectives. But you don’t have to go about it alone. The right measurement tools will help you:

  • Conduct real-time and historical reporting

  • Evaluate quality assurance metrics

  • Evaluate agent performance

Step #5: Commit to Continuous Improvement

The hard work is done. You built your plan. You empowered your people to bring your CX mission to life. You’re tracking the data and evaluating your successes and challenges. And you’re helping your people improve. Now you need to keep things going. Creating the ultimate customer experience is a continuous process where you’re always engaging, collecting, measuring and looking to make your CX even better.

Creating and delivering a stellar CX, one that sets you apart in your market, doesn’t have to be a struggle. We know this process works. So let’s get started! We’re here to answer your questions and to advise on what tools will benefit your business most. Reach out now so we can get a conversation started and ensure you don’t get left behind in the CX dust.

PLUS … for even more on these five steps, download our white paper that has lots more valuable information on this exact topic!


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