Call Center Recording Software

Call Center Recording Software

What do contact centers, collections agencies and trading floors all have in common? They have to be compliant with specific rules and regulations. If this sounds like your organization, effective interaction recording and logging (both voice and non-voice) can help you comply with rules and regulations, reduce liability, increase business security and improve agent productivity and your overall customer experience.

While essential, interaction recording and logging is not just for assessing agent interaction quality anymore. This is now a critical function for dispute resolution, fraud prevention, collections, emergency communications and, of course, industry compliance around PCI, HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley.


The KnoahSoft Harmony™ Recorder module is the call recording software solution for enterprises that have to keep compliance and business security top of mind. The Harmony™ call center recording software application offers scalable, flexible and affordable capabilities that handle inbound and outbound recording for both voice and non-voice interactions.

With KnoahSoft call center recording software, enterprises can deploy the recording capabilities that best suit their existing operations, with a variety of options for inbound and outbound call recording and screen capture including: 100% recording, random recording, event driven recording, on-demand recording, and agent-parameter-based (tenure, QA score) recording.

Contact centers that already have IP-based, hybrid, or TDM as a core component need not worry as Harmony's recording capabilities seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. Furthermore, to capture important data such as customer ID and agent name, it interfaces with the PBX or desktop applications you already have in place. And, our call center recording solutions are flexible enough to be deployed in a variety of configurations, scaling seamlessly from a single site system to a distributed multi-site environment.

Harmony™ call recording integrates tightly with key Avaya contact center and telephony platforms including Avaya Aura® Contact Center, Avaya Contact Center Select, IP Office™ and Avaya Aura Communication Manager. Integration with Cisco platforms includes UCC Enterprise, UCC Express, UCM and Call Manager Express.

Interaction recording isn't just for QA anymore. Tackle disputes, prevent fraud, streamline collections, and ensure compliance with voice and non-voice recording capabilities.

As part of the KnoahSoft Harmony™ workforce optimization (WFO) software suite, Harmony's contact center recording software application allows you to:

  • Record continuously all or some inbound and outbound voice and non-voice interactions based on business rules (ANI-based, shift-based, etc.)
  • Record continuously, based on rules or randomly
  • Record conference, consultative and transferred calls
  • Get cradle-to-grave call recording play back supported in a web interface by stitching various call legs together
  • Scale seamlessly from a single site system to a distributed, multi-site enterprise environment
  • Leverage event-based station-side active recording, and station-side and trunk-side passive recording
  • Record calls on the trunk-side for SIP, TDM and H.323 and on the station-side for SIP and TDM
  • Support VoIP and TDM environments
  • Securely manage archiving and retrieve and playback transactions, calls and screens easily on- or off-site with CTI integration
  • Take advantage of secure RTP recording, multi-line and shared-line recording, extension and agent-centric recording
  • Play back recorded calls and screens via an easy-to-use web interface with extensive meta data making for seamless search-and-retrieve capabilities
  • Leverage vast reporting capabilities including scheduled reporting, alert and reconciliation reporting, ACD reporting and more
  • View modulation graphs with agent voice, customer voice and hold details while listening to calls
  • Leverage real-time alerts to ensure calls are always recorded
  • Search calls by comments and phrases entered into call comments fields during silent monitoring and call evaluations
  • Utilize G.711, G.729 and G.722 Audio Codecs
  • Integrate with Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel Lucent, Vocalcom, 8x8, and a number of other SIP platforms with existing adapters

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